Challenger’s Challenger #3

Richard “The Challenger” Cutland is Wargaming’s Military Specialist for the European region. An ex-tanker in the British Army, Richard joined Wargaming in 2012. He works and advises on military and historical content for the company, interacts with fans at events and via social media, and presents Inside the Tanks – a video series that takes you on a tour of the legendary tanks of the past. 



"The only surviving Jagdtiger with a Porsche chassis is currently housed where?"



"This particular Jagdtiger was featured in an episode of Inside the Tanks and was one of two examples that were completed with the Porsche-designed longitudinal torsion-bar suspension, with wheels in pairs. It was not issued to the troops but used in trials at Sennelager Training Area, where it was found at the end of the war. It is currently housed in The Tank Museum in Bovington, England."


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