Challenger’s Challenge #6


Richard “The Challenger” Cutland is Wargaming’s Military Specialist for the European region. An ex-tanker in the British Army, Richard joined Wargaming in 2012. He works and advises on military and historical content for the company, interacts with fans at events and via social media and presents Inside the Tanks – a video series that takes you on a tour of the legendary tanks of the past. 



Recently we asked the following question on Facebook:

"In military hardware, there are some objects that become icons. They achieve fame and recognition for their impact on the battlefield and the sheer length of their operational service. One of these is the AK47 - designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, while another one is a tank with its origins in World War II - and from the same design team as the legendary T-34.

Which vehicle reviewed in one of our Inside the Tanks episodes are we talking about?"


"We are talking about the T-54/T-55 - a vehicle with a final production count of something over 100,000 of all types and derivatives built, making it the most-produced tank ever.

Source: Inside the Tanks: The T-54/T-55

Well done if you knew the answer too!