Battle of Alam el Halfa – Discounts on Vehicles and Garage Slots!

Historical Background

The Battle of Alam el Haifa was part of the Western Desert Campaign in early September, 1942. British and Commonwealth forces, lead by Bernard Montgomery, took advantage of intercepted Axis communications and were able to prevent Rommel from encircling them and ending the fight in the desert. The loss of the element of surprise, coupled with the Allies having good air support and new, lend-lease tanks from the USA, lead to Rommel’s tactical withdrawal. It was a true clash of the giants of tank warfare!


Join us in remembering the military past by investing in some of its greatest war machines!

This special will run from Friday 26 September at 07:10 until Monday 29 September at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)


30% off all regular vehicles, Tiers II to V and 20% off all regular vehicles Tiers VI and VII

Sweeping discounts from Tier II to Tier VII. What’s your excuse for not upgrading this weekend?


Discounts on Garage Slot Bundles

5 Slots for 750 (that’s a 40% discount!)

10 Slots for 1250 (that’s a 50% discount!)

New machines need to be kept somewhere, right? With these bundles it really pays to buy in bulk!