Blitz Auction: Vehicle Catalogue

Blitz Auction: Vehicle Catalogue

New Year Blitz Fair has a bounty of gifts and an opportunity to obtain rare Premium vehicles. Nine rarities will be available for purchase at the auction and in Chests alongside other Premium vehicles.

Let’s take a closer look at the “exhibit” collection and...

The Soviet Heavies IS-3 Defender and KV-5

Two Soviet Tier VIII heavy tanks are coveted by many players. While the KV-5 appears in the Store from time to time (only for the big holidays), there’s only been one opportunity to get the IS-3 Defender: in February, 2016.

  • IS-3 Defender
    This tank is truly great. It looks fantastic in black, with a sparking engine, and the “Defender” signature on the gun. It’s formidable in a battle, because it has the armour of the researchable IS-3 and the fire power of a drum-type gun with three shells. Add high profitability to all this and you get a near-perfect battle machine!
  • KV-5
    A giant and tough heavy. Tons of rage that bring you tons of credits. This pile of steel knows how to defend you from enemy shells, and how to perform a great ram attack. You can’t help but sympathize with light tanks that find themselves beneath your tracks. Unlike many other Premium vehicles, the KV-5 has a choice of guns. The first one fires faster, but penetrates less; the second one—the other way around. You like powerful vehicles? You need the KV-5!

The Chinese Warriors Type 59 and Type 62

The Tier VIII medium tank Type 59 and the Tier VII light tank Type 62 are close relatives of the Soviet T-54, which is apparent from their very similar appearances. Together with that, the playstyles of the Type 59 and Type 62 are extremely different; this is clear after the first few seconds of battle.

  • Type 59
    It’s like the T-54, only for Tier VIII and with Premium profitability. This Chinese fighter shares the same advantages as the T-54: a low silhouette and thick sloped armour. And you know what a challenge it is to penetrate a thick round turret. For the armament and manoeuvrability, the Type 59 resembles the stock T-44 or the new Premium vehicle T-54 First Prototype. The Type 59 is a great choice for those who appreciate universal medium tanks!
  • Type 62
    It’s sharp and energetic, like footballer (and earns a lot, too). Add a legendary camo to it and tap the Battle button to bring a real dragon to the battlefield! All characteristics of the Type 62 prove that it’s an exemplary light tank, able to not only scout, but also support allies with fire. This vehicle features excellent dynamics and speed on cross-country terrain. Having reached top speed, you’ll be going at 45–60 km/h. The gun of the Type 62 is quick-firing with a high damage per minute and high penetration, HEAT shells for the rare case, when the regular AP ones are not enough.

The American Dandies T34 Independence and T23E3

These two vehicles are connected with US Independence Day, each in its own way. The special version of the Premium T34 heavy tank covered in festive colours is a separate vehicle that doesn’t replace the “standard” T34. The T23E3 is connected with Independence Day in a more sophisticated way. Hint: look up the movies released at the end of June, 2016, and then take a look at the legendary camo that can be unlocked for the T23E3 until January 16, 2017.

  • T34 Independence
    If you decide to run for the presidency or Congress in the USA one day, you will be able to use this tank as a tribune during your campaign—its image is more than suitable for that. The T34 features one of the most powerful guns among Tier VIII heavy tanks, it might be dangerous even for Tier X monsters. This tank also boasts a heavily armoured turret, which contributes to the tank’s favourite tactic: hiding behind hills or rocks and blocking damage with strong turret armour. Skilled operation of the T34 Independence with its rock-solid turret will be rewarded with impressive amounts of credits.
  • T23E3
    The winner of the Best Cosplay of the Year contest appeared in two different “costumes”. The first one is Nomad camouflage resembling the spaceship of cosmic invaders. For the latter, the T23E3 managed to successfully disguise itself as a light tank, despite actually being a medium tank. The T23E3 shows good speed, dynamics and manoeuvrability, as well as a fast-firing gun. The best tactics for this tank are fast manoeuvrable battles or flank attacks as part of a reconnaissance group.

The Athletic FCM 50 t and E 25

These two vehicles don’t have much in common. They were grouped together because they lack a fellow countryman. However, both of them show high performance in battle and successfully strike their enemies with shells.

  • FCM 50 t
    This tank is big and solid like a famous French actor. It features high speed and perfect armament. Its armour is quite average: 120 mm on the front, and the slope of the front plate is not very effective. However, this tank can successfully fight both together with medium tanks, and support heavy tanks. Its fast firing gun allows it to penetrate the armour of most enemies and counter every enemy shot with two. The FCM 50 t can also become a football player with Titi and Zizou camouflages! 
  • E 25
    This tank destroyer can bring your enemy to their knees. Use as intended. Keep out of reach of children. This tank destroyer is small, very secretive, fast, and hard as nails. The nickname “Flea” may seem offensive, but it best illustrates the elusiveness and persistence of the E 25. Most players will prefer to face the SU-152 in the Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger or the Nashorn, rather than deal with the devilish E 25 on the enemy side.

Special Guest: the Movie Star Т-34-85 Rudy!

A hero of "Four Tank-Men and a Dog", the famous Т-34-85 Rudy makes its way down the red carpet!

The Rudy is good not only in the movie. In battle, it proves to be a dynamic medium tank with a fast-firing gun, rapid turret, and manoeuvrable chassis. The Т-34-85 Rudy can perfectly maintain its speed, change direction almost without losing its tempo, and make the enemy’s head spin with its manoeuvres. The Rudy will bring you victory and a pleasant amount of experience and credits for your account!


As you can see, Blitz Fair offers you the best Premium vehicles. They are not just effective fighters and credit-earners, but also rare models. Don’t miss your chance to add these vehicles to your tank collection!