Blitz Store: KV-5 and T-127 Bundles

Dun, dun, dun! It’s a KV-5! This steel behemoth is quite an imposing figure on the battlefield. Tall and turreted, this Soviet heavy tank mainly offers two things – protection and firepower.

The tank also has an increased profitability multiplier meaning that you earn more credits for every battle you fight in! This extra special feature means the tank is only available for a short while, so take a good look at our KV-5 bundle below. We’ll even throw in 3 days of Premium Account and a Garage Slot to make it sweeter!

We have also extended the period of our T-127 bundle, so you might want to think about picking up this bouncy Tier III light tank at a pocket-money price as well!

These bundles will be available from 11 September at 11:00 until 18 September at 11:00 CEST (UTC+2).




KV-5 Bundle



T-127 Bundle