Back-Up Plan!

Don’t worry if, for some reason, you won’t be able to complete all Stages in time. You will still have a chance to finish the Mission using gold. Such a possibility will be available from 08 March at 01:00 CET (UTC+1) to 22 March at 01:00 CET (UTC+1). Details of this will be available directly in the game.


You’d better put yourself in a state of full readiness, as a massive event is coming your way! Massive events commonly have great rewards and this time is no exception. Meet the IS-3 Defender – a brute from the deepest parts of the U.S.S.R designed for only one purpose: to defend the Motherland!

This Tier VIII Soviet Premium Heavy Tank takes its origins from the good old IS-3, which is why, if you have played the original version, you will feel at home with the Defender variant, as the gameplay is almost the same. Of course, there are some subtle differences.

The Defender gets a bit more hit points and almost 30 mm thicker frontal turret armour, but it’s thinner on the sides and rear. Therefore, it is perfect for brawling and fighting in head-on engagements. The 122 mm gun mounted on this vehicle has a slightly lower penetration and is less accurate than the IS-3’s BL-9. However, it gets a better rate of fire thanks to its loading mechanism that appears for the first time in the game – use it to your advantage and watch your opponents scoot for dear life.

On top of that, the tank has a unique camouflage that will undoubtedly turn heads and cause lustful looks on the battlefields.

But that is quite enough of the dry facts - let’s have a look how the IS-3 Defender presents itself in-game:

Interested in adding this beauty to your tank collection? Read on and find all the information you need to get your hands on it!

Complete the Mission, Win the IS-3 Defender!

This Mission will be available for completion from 23 February at 01:00 CET (UTC+1) to 08 March at 01:00 CET (UTC+1). You will have to complete 8 Stages to get the reward. This time however you will have to be fast as the number of prizes is limited 60.000 tanks ONLY for all regions! More details will be visible in game, so just log in and check the awaiting challenge!

It is worth mentioning that the IS-3 Defender Mission won’t replace any of your standard Missions in the rotation – you can do them in the meantime. There will be a dedicated pop-up window where you will be able to check all the info about the Mission and keep an eye on your progress.

Token system!

In order to complete any Stage of the Mission, you will need a certain amount of tokens. You can gather them by playing battles – one token equals one XP. Keep in mind however that all experience bonuses, like experience modifiers etc., are not taken into account, excluding the 50% bonus from Premium Account.

Completing standard Missions in your rotation will also bring you some tokens aside from a standard reward. The number of tokens received increases proportionally to the complexity of a mission.

Compensation Plan!

On 08 March, all players who managed to complete at least 4 Stages of the IS-3 Defender Mission but who did not manage to complete the entire event will be compensated for their great efforts. The compensation will happen as follows:

Completed StagesCompensation
Stage 1 -
Stage 2 -
Stage 3 -
Stage 4 1 day of Premium Account
Stage 5 2 days of Premium Account
Stage 6 3 days of Premium Account
Stage 7 5 days of Premium Account

Players who succeed in completing the whole Mission (finishing Stage 8) by any means will be compensated instantly with 7 days of Premium Account.


That’s all you need to know, Commanders! See you on the battlefield and let the IS-3 Defender fever begin!