gamescom 2015 – Discounts on high-tier vehicles


The biggest European games convention, gamescom, is being held right now! If you are in Cologne and have a ticket, come by and visit us to grab some great goodies. However, if you prefer to stay at home and enjoy World of Tanks Blitz on your couch, then we’ve also got you covered!

The following offers will be available from 7 August at 07:10 until 10 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


 30% off all regular Tier VII vehicles (except the recently introduced KV-13)

 15% off all regular Tier VIII vehicles (except the recently introduced Jagdpanther II)

 Up to 30% discount on Garage Slot bundles:

  • 5 Slots – 1000 800 
  • 10 Slots – 1800 1260