Girls und Panzer event - Early Announcement


For those of you who have been watching anime, the title ‘Girls und Panzer’ is most probably not a mystery. However, even if you are not into anime, the title clearly suggests that it’s all about girls and tanks, which is a great combination. If you want to learn more about this series and our special event, read on!

More about Girls und Panzer

The first episode of the series appeared in 2012 and quickly gained lots of fans all around the world. The story is about a group of girls from Oorai Girls High School that try to aid their school’s financial difficulties. They do so by excelling at their club activity - Sensha-do (which literally means "Way of the Tank"), the art of operating tanks.

The event!

As some of you might know, the Girls und Panzer event was only available in the Asian region so far. Well, now that is subject to change as it reaches the EU region! The event will start on 14 January, the day after the 2.5 update release, and will be in form of a combat mission. Conditions of the mission are perfectly guarded by the girls and will be announced at a later date. However, we have managed to get a sneak-peek of a reward:

The tank that you have just seen is a unique Panzer IV Anko Special, tier V, Premium Medium Tank.

What’s so special about this vehicle? Besides the looks, it’s the fact that for the first time in World Of Tanks Blitz history the tank will have the original, Japanese voice-over from the anime series!

We truly hope you are as hyped as we are! Stay tuned – more details about the event are coming soon!