Happy Halloween – Tricks and Treats!

Boo!!! Did we scare you with our special Halloween-themed garage? No? I guess we need to work on our ambush skills then…

Anyway, this Halloween we have prepared many tricks and treats to help you take your tanking to the next level! The following offers will run from 30 October at 06:00 until 3 November 06:00 CET (UTC+1).

 XP on your SPOOKY first victory!

There is nothing particularly alarming about this fantastic triple XP boost.

 TERRIFYING Discounts on Premium Account!!


Discounted Price


8,500  (15% discount)


13,600 (15% discount)


What a treat! 15% off both yearly and half-yearly Premium Accounts!

30% Discount on the following TRULY HORRIFYING Premium Vehicles

  • SU-100Y, Tier VI, Soviet, Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Dicker Max, Tier VI, German, Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Panther/M10, Tier VII German, Premium Medium Tank

Be afraid, be very afraid! These big bruisers make Dracula look like Tinkerbell. Get them in the Tech-Trees, for less!

But wait! We have even more candy for you tankers who stay up late with the ghosts and ghouls! The following offers will run from 31 October at 06:10 until 2 November at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).

CHILLING Discounts on selected Regular Vehicles

  • 30% off all Tier VI and VII Regular vehicles
  • 10% off all Tier VIII Regular Vehicles