Legendary Valor Camouflage


Every Blitz player knows Jackson. Of course, we are talking about none other than the M36 Jackson!

The tank was developed on the chassis of two vehicles – the M10A1 and the M10, and was considered to be the most powerful American tank destroyer. And no wonder, because it featured the fearsome 90 mm AT Gun M3.

The vehicle carries the very same gun in-game, allowing it to rip apart the enemy tanks with ease, making the M36 Jackson a pure hunter. However, it’s not an easy vehicle to play with as it lacks armour and doesn’t have as good camo rating as the Hellcat, which makes it vulnerable. In other words, only prowess and experienced Commanders can handle it.

Which is why, we have prepared a new camouflage for the M36 Jackson so you can show your quality in battles when playing it. Tankers, we are pleased to introduce the Legendary “Valor” Camouflage, crafted exclusively for the Jackson. Mount it now and perform acts of courage on Blitz battlefields!

A dedicated “Valor” camo for the M36 Jackson will be obtainable from 23 August at 07:10 CEST (UTC+2) to 6 September at 07:10 CEST (UTC+2).

Valor: A Legendary Camouflage for the M36 Jackson – Unlock price: 650