Push Mission: September #4


We are well into the month of September, which means it’s time for another Push Mission! Its valuable reward will satisfy everyone, but especially those of you who are looking to earn a decent amount of credits quickly and without much effort. “Decent amount” you say? Well, yes! You won’t find 100,000 lying around on the battlefield, will you?


Name: September #4


  • Destroy 5 enemy vehicles over any number of battles


  • Exceptionally available from 15 September at 19:00 CEST to 16 September at 22:00 CEST (UTC+2)
  • Random and Supremacy battles
  • Any vehicle between Tier IV and X can be used
  • Can be completed five times per account


  • 20,000


Remember – Special Missions do not have any direct support in the game’s interface. You will see confirmation of its completion on the Battle Results screen under “Reward for Mission completed”. See the dedicated guide for more information.