STORE: Tetrarch and Churchill III

The lend-lease program allowed tanks from the West to be shipped to the Soviet Union to help the war on the Eastern Front. Amongst the tanks that arrived were the British Tetrarch and Churchill. Although these offer very different playstyles in-game, they are both really fun vehicles to drive and have all the benefits of Premium Tanks.

These bundles are available from 27 February at 11:00 until 20 March at 10:00 CET (UTC+1).


Tetrarch Bundle (4.99 Euros)

  • Tetrarch, Tier II, Soviet Premium Light Tank
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 500
  • 1 Day of Premium Account


Churchill III Bundle (9.99 Euros)

  • Churchill III, Tier V, Soviet Premium Heavy Tank
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 500


Disclaimer: Prices given are based on the euro price set by the App Store at the time of publication. Actual prices may vary.