Dress Your Tank Fashionably This Holiday!


If you have one (or more) favourite tank that you play over and over again, after a while its appearance might bore you. It's like eating the same lunch... every day... for a month... Sometimes, even the smallest change can make a big difference. For a tank, it could be a fancy camouflage for example. And that's when we step in! Considering the fact that we are currently in the festive season, we have prepared a special and rare camouflage called Winter Celebrations 2017, so you can feel the holiday spirit, even when on a battlefield!

And that's how it looks:

If you would like to mount it on your tanks, the unlock cost presents itself as follows:

  • Tier I vehicle: 7,000
  • Tier II vehicle: 8,000
  • Tier III vehicle: 11,000
  • Tier IV vehicle: 14,000
  • Tier V vehicle: 18,000
  • Tier VI vehicle: 24,000
  • Tier VII vehicle: 40,000
  • Tier VIII vehicle: 58,000
  • Tier IX vehicle: 76,000
  • Tier X vehicle: 100,000

Once you unlock this camouflage on a certain tank, its resupply cost after each battle will be the usual for the tank's tier.

But hey, that's not all! We also got some fancy legendaries for you. If you didn't have a chance to acquire them in the past, there won't be a better time to do so! Check them out!


Starting from the left is:

  • Titi camouflage for the FCM 50 t. Unlock price: 1,590
  • Zizou camouflage for the FCM 50 t. Unlock price: 1,590
  • Dragon camouflage for the Type 62. Unlock price: 1,070
  • Nomad camouflage for the T23E3. Unlock price: 1,070
  • Berlin camouflage for the Cromwell B. Unlock price: 650

And remember, with the introduction of Update 3.4.2 happening soon, you will no longer need to spend credits to refill camouflages and skins purchased with gold or real money.

Roll out onto the battlefield in style and have a happy holidays!