SPECIAL: Crew is Crucial


After the recent crew preparations, now is the time to talk about how important your crewmembers are for the tank. Each and every member, no matter their role, is crucial for unlocking a tank’s full potential. Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader and even Radio operator – they all deserve due attention. Show how much you care about them – utilise this weekend’s special discounts and make your crews the most efficient on battlefield!

Wait, that’s not all – we also have something for light tank fans. Treat yourself with a small, fast, and 30% discounted M22 Locust, and take it for a furious ride on the battlefield!

The following discounts will be available from 26 February at 06:10 CET (UTC+1) to 29 February at 06:10 CET (UTC+1).

30% off on the following premium tank

  • M22 Locust, American Tier III Light Tank (1000 700)

Up to 50% off on Crew Training

  • 20% off the credit price of training a crew to 75% Mastery Level.
  • 50% off the gold price of training a crew to 100% Mastery Level.

30% off on Crew Skills Resets