Second Battle of El Alamein – Discounts on Tanks!

Historical Background

The Second Battle of El Alamein was a major tank battle in the Western Desert that took place in late October to early November, 1942. A significant psychological victory for the Allies was accomplished partly through freshly imported armour from the USA. These newer tanks were finally a match for German machinery that had been plaguing British tank designs to this point. The battle also saw a tactical masterclass in tank warfare between Bernard Montgomery and his Axis counterpart Erwin Rommel.


Many of the machines on offer in this weekend’s special took part in El Alamein. Try them out for a healthy discount!

These offers are available from 24 October at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) until 27 October at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).


 XP on your first victory

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 50% off all Premium Vehicles, Tiers II – V

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Many of these machines saw action at El Alamein, try them out for half price!

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After El Alamein, tank production only continued. Witness this for yourself with discounts on the next tanks in line!

 20% off Crew Training

What’s a tank without those who pilot it? Make sure they’re up to scratch!