Special: Heavy Loaded (Includes New Special Mission)


It’s time to indulge your heavy side with these neat in-game offers and a superb weekend mission. You can even bag a mid-tier Premium Tank for up to 50% off!

The following offers and special mission will be available from 21 August at 07:10 until 24 August at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).



 Up to 50% off the gold price of selected Premium Heavy Tanks in the tech-tree

  • 50% off the Churchill III, Tier V, Soviet Premium Heavy Tank (2400 – 1200)
  • 30% off the TOG II*, Tier VI, British Premium Heavy Tank (3100 – 2170)

 20% off all Equipment



*not sure what a special mission is? Maybe our guide can help!

Name: Big Hunt

Objective: Destroy 5 Heavy Tanks over any number of won battles


  • Can be completed once per day
  • You must be driving a Heavy Tank, Tier IV to X
  • Only Heavy Tanks destroyed in battles that you also win, count towards the total.

Reward: 2000 XP