SPECIAL: Holiday Cheer


The Holidays are finally here! Soon you all will be gathering together with your families in a cheerful atmosphere, appreciating yummy dishes and enjoying giving, and receiving, great gifts! During this unique occasion, we also have something for you – this dedicated special to be exact. When you are full after eating all the tasty courses, a bit tired, and all you will want to do is sit in a comfortable armchair and enjoy your favourite game, our great offers will be there, waiting for you. We wish you all the best and that you have a great holiday season!

Triple XP will be available from 23 December at 12:00 CET (UTC+1) to 26 December at 12:00 CET (UTC+1).

 Triple XP on your first victory of the day

The holiday cheer offers will be available from 23 December at 06:10 CET (UTC+1) to 26 December at 06:10 CET (UTC+1).

 30% off all Equipment

 25% off purchasing unresearched modules using Gold

15% off all* standard vehicles, Tiers VIII – X

* with the exception of the following vehicles: T69, T54E1, T57 Heavy, IS-3, IS-8 and IS-7


Name: Holiday Cheer


  • Play 10 battles
  • Only the battles in which the player dealt at least 750 damage count


  • Random and Supremacy battles
  • Any vehicle between Tier VII and X can be used
  • Can be completed once per account

Reward: 150,000


Remember: Special Missions do not have any direct support in the game’s interface. You will see confirmation of their completion on the Battle Results screen under “Reward for Mission completed”. See the dedicated guide for more information.