STORE: T34 Independence – a special-edition American heavyweight!


Released in other regions for the 4th July celebrations, the T34 Independence, Tier VIII, American Premium Heavy Tank is finally on its way to Europe! We’ve shipped several models of this steel beast across the Atlantic Ocean, but supplies won’t last forever! Snap one up while you can!

This unique tank is more than just the some of its very patriotic parts - it’s a bald eagle, ready to tear through prey with its 120mm cannon. Topped off with a nigh-impregnable turret the size of Detroit, this is one mean American motor!

The tank will not be around for long, so be sure to bag the following offer from 17 July at 12:00 until 31 July at 11:00 CEST (UTC+2).


 T34 Independence Bundle (29.99 Euros)

  • T34 Independence, Tier VIII, American Premium Heavy Tank
  • Garage Slot
  • 1300
  • Premium Account: 7 days


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