Operation Queen – Discounts on Premium Vehicles!

Special Offers

Some legendary Premium tanks can be yours for less gold. Have a browse of the Tech-Trees and be sure to take advantage of the others things on offer this weekend. This special will run from 28 November at 06:00 until 1 December at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).

 XP on first victory

 50% off all Tier II to Tier V Premium Vehicles in the Tech-Trees


Historical Background

The push from the beachhead through France was one thing, but how would Shermans hold up in dense German woodland, against a hidden enemy?

In mid-November 1944, the Allies attempted to force their way over the Rur River and towards the Rhine. What they did not anticipate was the extreme resistance that awaited them. A winter of vicious battles ensued with areas like the Hürtgen Forest proving to be nigh impenetrable. Axis forces, backed up by the superb achievements of German armour, held the Allies off and pushed back their superior numbers. The war was dragged into 1945.