SPECIAL: Royal Cavalry


This weekend we focus on the British – the most regal nation in World of Tanks Blitz! Feel like royalty and relish a cup of hot discounts on British medium and heavy tanks! We also have some Premium tanks on offer at a bargain price! On top of that, you can enjoy a special mission with a crew-experience multiplier as a reward. Roll out on the battlefield, commanders and may God Save the Queen!

The following kingly offers will be available from 12 August at 07:10 CEST (UTC+2) to 15 August at 07:10 CEST (UTC+2).

 50% off the following Premium vehicles:

 30% off the following Premium vehicle:

  • TOG II*Tier VI, British Heavy Tank (3,100 2,170)

 30% off all standard British medium and heavy tanks, Tiers V – VII

 15% off all standard British medium and heavy tanks, Tier VIII

 10% off all standard British medium and heavy tanks, Tiers IX – X


Name: Royal Cavalry


  • Play a battle
  • Deal at least 200 points of damage


  • Random and Supremacy battles
  • Any vehicle between Tier IV and X can be used
  • Repeatable

Reward: x2 Crew XP


Remember – Special Missions do not have any direct support in the game’s interface. You will see confirmation of its completion on the Battle Results screen under “Reward for Mission completed”. See the dedicated guide for more information.