Tech-Tree Focus: Tank Destroyers

Next up in our Tech-Tree Focus series, we look at the mighty tank destroyers. Check out our concise playing guide and special offers below.

This special will run from 25 November at 06:00 until 27 November at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).


Special Offers

50% off all Tank Destroyers, Tiers II to V

30% off all Tank Destroyers, Tiers VI and VII

15% off all Tank Destroyers, Tier VIII


Tank Destroyers in a nutshell

Tank Destroyers are primarily a support class - they are ambushers that are best positioned away from the front lines, shooting from a place of cover where they can make use of camouflage. If spotted, they do not always have the hit points to take many shots. The payoff is that they have very competitive guns for their tier. You can succeed by not being seen, keeping your gun firing and positioning yourself in a location that lets you annihilate any tanks spotted by your team.