Special: The More the Merrier – discounts on Crew Training!


If you utilise this week’s special to purchase some Garage Slots for your expanding collection of machines – remember that you’ll need well-trained crews as well. Make sure your soldiers are up to the challenge with useful discounts on Crew Training.

Remember – your crew’s Mastery Level affects the way your tanks perform in battle. The higher the percentage of Mastery, the closer your tank will be to their true characteristics. When your tankers are at 100% Mastery in their chosen vehicle, you can begin using and training Crew Skills.

These offers will be available from 24 April at 07:10 until 27 April 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

 Discounts on Crew Training

  • 20% off the credit price for training up to 75% Mastery.
  • 50% off the gold price for training up to 100% Mastery.


 25% off all Equipment


 Discounts on Garage Slots

  • 5 Slots  1000  750 (25% off)
  • 10 Slots 1800  1260 (30% off)