SPECIAL: Happy Valentine's Day


“I love you” means more than a thousand words. But why would you use words when you can use shells?! Deliver those lovely “gifts” to your opponents at a 90-degree angle and for sure they will remember them for a long time! However, if you are in a more romantic mood this weekend, you can take one or both of our charming ladies - the Matildas - out for a date. In the meantime, you can also complete a handsome Mission and get yourself a sweet amount of free experience! Last but not least, your good-looking crew members will be benefiting from a crew experience bonus!

The following bouquet of Valentine’s Day offers will be available from 12 February at 6:10 until 15 February at 06:10 CET (UTC+1).


Double Crew experience

50% off on the following premium tanks:


Name: Happy Valentine’s Day


  • Win a battle
  • Earn any Battle Hero medal.


  • Any vehicle between Tier IV and X can be used.
  • Can be completed once per day.

Reward: 400 Free Experience points


Remember – Special Missions do not have any direct support in the game’s interface. You will see confirmation of its completion on the Battle Results screen under “Reward for Mission completed”. See the dedicated guide for more information.