STORE: AT 15A and Fury Returns!

British tanks have existed in-game since Update 1.5 “British Steel” in early December and it’s about time we added a British Premium tank to the mix! The AT 15A tank destroyer sports fantastically thick armour and a fast firing gun, but poor manoeuvrability. It’s basically a moving pillbox– stick it at a tactical chokepoint and force the enemy into rethinking their plans!

This offer is available from 5 January at 10:00 until 16 January at 10:00 CET (UTC+1).

AT 15A Bundle (17.99 Euros)

  • AT 15A, Tier VII, British Tank Destroyer
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 1 Day of Premium Account
  • 550


To celebrate the release of the film Fury in Germany and Spain, we have also invited an old friend back into the in-game store. Check out this special Sherman tank – a great all-rounder for film buffs and tankers alike.

This offer is available from 5 January at 10:00 until 12 January at 10:00 CET (UTC+1).

Fury Bundle (14.99 Euros)

  • M4A3E8 Fury, Tier VI, American Medium Tank
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 1050


Disclaimer: Prices given are based on the euro price set by the App Store at the time of publication. Actual prices may vary.