STORE: Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8,8 Bundle

The Snowstorm bundle contains a tank that is sure to turn heads in-game. The Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8,8cm is a unique Premium German Tank Destroyer painted white and based on the 8,8cm Pak43 Jagdtiger from World of Tanks PC Version. The very special tank contained in this bundle is the first unique tank for World of Tanks Blitz and will be available for a very short period of time this winter. Be sure to add it to you collection before it becomes extinct!

Don’t let the relatively small calibre of the gun fool you – it will chew you up with its dominating rate of fire and solid armouring.

This package will be available from 17 December at 10:00 until 5 January at 10:00 CET (UTC+1).

 Snowstorm Bundle (21.99)

  • Snowstorm Jagdtiger 8,8cm, Tier VIII German Premium Tank Destroyer
  • Garage Slot
  • 3 Days of Premium Account
  • 500