Earn the tank of your nightmares – TANKENSTEIN!

It’s alive! It’s alive!!! Out of the gloom of Update 2.2 emerges a metal monster of gargantuan proportions (did you spot it in the puzzle game?) Meet Tankenstein – an unholy titan of terror!

This Tier VII Premium (German?) Heavy Tank has been sewn together by evil scientists in a laboratory under Switzerland. It is a mix of German, Soviet and American tank parts, combining firepower, armouring and a blatant disregard for ethics and morality. To even consider playing this tank, is to surrender your place in mankind forever…

Complete Missions, Win Tankenstein!

This Halloween, Tankenstein can be yours by completing a set of Missions from 15 October at 12:00 until 30 October at 10:00 UTC. There are 7 Stages to this Mission set and all details will be visible in game, so log in and check your Mission rotation!

Please note

Tankenstein Missions will automatically replace one of the Missions in your Mission slots. If you were working on completing the replaced Mission then don’t worry - your progress won’t be lost. You’ll get that Mission back (along with the same progress) once the Tankenstein Mission ends, along with the daily XP multiplier change.

Back-Up Plan!

From 30 October at 10:00 until 1 November at 10:00 UTC you will be able to make a last ditch effort to seal Tankenstein for yourself by completing any remaining Missions in the Tankenstein set for gold! Details of this will be available in-game.

Compensation Plan!

On 1 November, players who managed to complete at least 3 Stages of the Tankenstein Missions but who did not manage to finish the whole event (including via the Back-Up Plan) will be compensated for their efforts as follows:

Completed Tankenstein Mission


Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3

1 Day of Premium Account

Stage 4

2 Day of Premium Account

Stage 5

3 Day of Premium Account

Stage 6

5 Day of Premium Account

Stage 7



Halloween Garage!

To keep up the atmosphere we also hope you are enjoying the special Halloween garage! It will be available for you to haunt until 2 November!

Keep an eye on the news and social media for further Halloween treats!