Tech-Tree Focus: Heavy Tanks – mighty discounts!


Many of you have a penchant for heavy metal and there’s nothing wrong with that. In our first Tech-Tree Focus, we look at the really heavy end of the spectrum. Enjoy discounts on some machines that put the tank in tanking.

This special will run from 10 October at 07:10 until 13 October at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

 XP on your first victory

A triple XP boost awaits those tankers who strike swiftly!

50% off all regular Heavy Tanks, Tier II-V

      30% off all regular Heavy Tanks, Tier VI-VII

      15% off all regular Heavy Tanks, Tier VIII

      10% off all regular Heavy Tanks, Tier IX

Enjoy rolling discounts across nearly all the heavy tanks in the game!



Playing Heavy Tanks

Heavy tanks are fairly easy to play as they feature both good armour and firepower. However, keep in mind that you are always supposed to be at the front line of the battle, so that armour will be under constant attack. Look for obstacles like small hills or wrecks to hide your hull as much as possible. Also don’t forget to angle your tank to bounce more enemy shells. As mentioned before, their guns are quite effective, but as you probably will face other heavy tanks, we recommend that you aim at weak spots to maximise your chances of penetrating the enemy vehicle.