[UPDATED] Welcome to Blitz Fair!

Banners and Cases can no longer be earned in battles. Nevertheless, you can complete the missing stages using gold, or Banners and Cases that you earned previously.


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Welcome to Blitz Fair, the first in-game event with Tickets, chests and an auction! Blitz Fair will be held simultaneously in the game and on the portal from 19 December to 16 January. Don’t miss:

  • Series of in-game missions, where you can earn Tickets, Credits, Premium Account, and the Stridsvagn 74A2—the first Swedish Tier VI Premium tank with an autoloader!
  • Auction with legendary Premium vehicles on the portal: prices decrease with time, but the number of vehicles is limited!
  • Chests with random gifts on the portal. Get the IS-3 Defender for 250 only? Easy!
  • FAQ. Learn more about Blitz Fair!

Series of in-game missions

Starting from Monday, 19 December, a series of special missions will appear in the game:

To complete each stage, players should collect the required number of Banners and Cases. Until 2 January, they can be earned in battles and for completing missions. Players can also complete stages using gold at any time. To complete a stage, open the mission series screen and tap Complete.


Banners are earned in battle together with Combat Experience, 1 XP brings you 1 Banner.

  • Premium Account increases the number of Banners earned by 50%.
  • Experience bonuses (Х2, Х3, Х5) are not counted.
  • Experience earned for completing missions is not counted.


Cases can be earned by completing missions.

  • The higher the tier of the vehicle used to complete the mission, the more Cases awarded.
  • The number of Cases awarded for completing a particular mission is displayed on the mission screen.
  • Premium Account bonus is not applied to Cases.

After 2 January, players will no longer be able to collect Cases and Banners. They will have a chance to complete the missing stages using gold or previously collected Cases and Banners. Hurry to collect as much event currency as possible!


Players who complete mission stages are rewarded with Tickets, Credits and Premium Account days.

Players who complete the final stages of the series of missions will receive the main rewards: plenty of Tickets or the Stridsvagn 74A2 Swedish Tier VI Premium tank. Those who complete both final stages will get both the Tickets and the tank!

Stridsvagn 74A2

Fair on the Portal

After you have collected some Tickets, go to the Fair on the portal. From 19 December to 16 January, you will be able to compete for rare Premium vehicles at the auction, or try your luck with chests!

To get to the Fair website, open the screen with the series of missions and tap the “Fair on Portal” button.

You can also use the direct link below, but you will need your Wargaming.net ID.

If your account is not linked to your Wargaming.net ID, log into the game, open the sidebar menu and select Account. There, you’ll be able to create a new account or link your existing Wargaming.net ID and navigate to the Fair website via the direct link.

Go to Fair


Or a Dutch auction, to be more exact! Nine Premium vehicles (10,000 copies each) will be available for purchase using Tickets:

The starting price is the highest. Vehicles become cheaper every 12 hours and reach their lowest prices by 2 January. If, of course, they haven’t sold out by then. The lower the price, the less likely a vehicle is available!

Check the availability of the vehicle you want to buy as often as possible. This way, you’ll have more chances to get a good deal.


See how lucky you are: exchange Tickets for Chests. A standard Chest costs two Tickets; a legendary one—six Tickets. Any Chest will drop one random gift, but even the smallest gift won’t disappoint you!

Legendary Chests contain more valuable gifts and have a higher chance of dropping them.

If a Fair participant receives a Premium vehicle from a Chest, and this vehicle is also sold at the auction, the total number of these vehicles decreases. Thus, when the vehicle is sold out at the auction, it is no longer available in Chests.

Additional Purchase of Tickets

If you wish, you can not only receive Tickets for completing a series of missions in the game, but also exchange your Free Experience or gold for them. On the Fair website, you can get even more Tickets:

  • 1 Ticket = 3,125 (Free Experience)
  • 1 Ticket = 125


If I receive Tickets in the game, can I spend them right away on the website?

Yes! However, synchronization of Tickets and other in-game property may take a few seconds. To navigate to the Fair on the website, open the series of missions in the game and tap “Fair on Portal”.

You can also use the direct link to go to the Fair, but in that case you’ll need to log in using your Wargaming.net ID.

What happens if I receive a vehicle that I already have at the fair?

You will be given a compensation in credits equal to the vehicle’s price, taking into account that 1 = 400. For example, if you already have the Type 59 and you buy it at the auction, you’ll receive 4,000,000 and a Garage slot instead of the vehicle.

How do I claim a vehicle that I win at the Fair?

Premium vehicles are added to the account automatically after a few seconds. Together with a Premium vehicle, you’ll also get a Garage slot and a crew with 100% mastery.

What will happen to Tickets I have left after the Fair is over?

They will automatically be exchanged for credits: 1 Ticket = 15,000. We recommend you spend all your Tickets on Chests: it is way more profitable.