Blitz Twister Cup: Meet team LEGION!


The winners of the Twister Cup Finals in Europe, team [LGN] LEGION, stand ready to face the champions from the other regions of the world. The ultimate battle for global domination will take place during the Challengers Rumble, in New York City, on 19 November. Everyone is eager to see the Europeans outgun everyone else and carry off the trophy. Will that happen? Let’s have a sneak peek into LEGION’s battle plans in this exclusive interview with tomas_legion, the team captain.

tomas_legion, the captain of team LEGION

Tell us a bit about your team’s background: How and when was your team formed?

The team was formed in late August when we heard that eSports was coming to Blitz. However, we already knew each other since we were in the same clan and had had previous Clan Wars experience.

We are all very competitive and enjoy a challenge, so we have been waiting for tournaments ever since we began training. We wanted to prove our skill, our worth as a team, and defeat our rivals.

What can you tell us about the team members? Have you met offline before?

No, we have never met offline yet. The Blitz Twister Cup is the first tournament we had a chance to participate in, and finally we will meet each other in person.

We have some of the most skilled players on the server both in terms of statistics, personal skill and teamwork. An interesting thing is that we also have one of the youngest teams in this tournament as 4 out of 7 members are under 18 years old.

How do you feel about qualifying for the Finals, and what are your goals for the tournament? Are there any particular teams you are excited to be battling with?

Our goals for the tournament are to represent the EU region well in the World Finals and see where we stand on the world stage.

We are pretty excited to battle all the teams from the other regions as each region has a different playstyle and different tactics. We hope to gain a lot of valuable experience.

What is your training regime like, if any? What are some of the challenges you face while training? Do you have any tips for players hoping to improve their Blitz play?

Since the tournament started, we have been training 2 hours a day, 5 or 6 times a week. The main challenges we have faced so far are to get everyone online at the same time and to stay perfectly coordinated and focused even when we are not playing a proper game. At times it’s also difficult to find training partners, as most teams don’t train so often.

One tip for players looking to improve their Blitz gameplay is to be aware of your surroundings. Use the mini-map and look at the teams positioning, and also think every move out before you execute it, so you don’t get yourself into dangerous situations where you are likely to get destroyed.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself? What did inspire you to start a team? Which Blitz tank and map do you like the most?

I am a 16 year old student currently living in Ireland. What inspired me to start the team was that I was a clan leader of one of the first clans on the EU server and greatly enjoyed trainings and battles with my clan mates, so I decided to create an eSports team consisting of the best players in the clan.

My current favourite tank is the Object 140. It is one of the best tanks for competitive battles, as it is very well-rounded and offers an interesting playstyle. My favourite map in the game used to be the old version of Mines before it got removed as it was very diverse and provides lots of tactical opportunities. Of the maps currently available to play on I probably like Canal the most.

Where do you see yourselves as a team in the next couple of years? What do you hope to accomplish together?

We hope to see ourselves playing in competitive eSports over the next couple of years and participating in as many tournaments as possible, having fun and hopefully winning some titles. It’s very hard to say how well we will do as it’s still early days but we hope we can go as far as possible.

Thank you very much for the interview and we wish you best of luck on the Global Finals!

The live stream to watch the entire event will become available shortly before the show. Please give our representatives your fullest support, as they will soon travel to New York to proudly represent the European region in the Challengers Rumble!