End of Year Competitions – Second In-game Event

It’s time for the second in-game contest of the End of Year competitions! That said, there is still time to try out our first platoon challenge as well, check it out! We also are running a month-long creative contest that is awaiting your creations on the forum.

Just like before, both prizes and points are up for grabs. To see what you can win, take a look at the Prizes and Points section at the bottom of this article. Results from all our contests, including the points you earn for participating, will be available on the dedicated End of Year Contests forum section.

Without further ado, here’s the new contest and rules. Have fun!

Name: Chain of Destruction

Duration: 15 December at 00:00 until 21 December at 23:59 CET (UTC+1).

Goal:  Destroy as many tanks as possible, survive and win the battle.


  • You enter the contest simply by playing a battle (results will be drawn straight from the server).
  • Any nation is allowed
  • Must be using a regular vehicle (Premium Tanks can’t be used in this contest).
  • In cases where two or more players manage to destroy the same number of tanks in one battle, highest damage will be used to determine the order of winners.
  • There are 3 categories of this competition (Tiers I-IV, Tiers V-VII and Tiers VIII-X) each category is its own competition and can be won independently.


  • Only your highest score will count towards the 100 points rankings.
  • Bonuses for Premium Account, Premium Tanks and so on do not count.

How many links will there be in your chain of destruction, tankers?


The prizes for each contest are the same – the top 20 players get days of Premium Account, gold and even a Premium Tank for the highest places. If a player already owns the Premium Tank that they win, then the value of the prize will be credited to their account in gold.




Löwe, Tier VIII, German Premium Heavy Tank
+ 15 days of Premium Account + 1,250


Valentine II, Tier IV, Soviet Premium Light Tank 
+ 10 days of Premium Account + 1,000


T-25, Tier V, German Premium Medium Tank
+ 7 days of Premium Account + 750


4 - 10

5 days of Premium Account + 500


11- 20

3 days of Premium Account + 250



In addition to prizes, the top 100 entries will also earn points (first place receives 100 points, second place 99 and so on) for taking part in each contest. These will be added up at the end of the month and the players with the most accumulated points will be entered to winthe following prizes. In cases where two or more players manage to get the same amount of Points, the highest amount of XP will be used to determine the order of winners. If this doesn’t determine the winner then the highest damage will be used as well. (Due to many instances of the same scores, this rule has had to be added in order to indicate unique winners).

Points Place

Points Prize


Nexus 9

2 - 3

Nexus 7

4 - 10

World of Tanks Razer Kraken Pro Headset


Got all that? Good!

There is still one more in-game contest coming up. Keep an eye on the news for the rules and conditions of that one too – coming soon! You can also find more information on all of the End of Year events on the dedicated forum section.

 DISCLAIMER - Eligibility to receive the physical prizes for this contest will depend on the availability of the item and shipping restrictions of the product in your country. Winners of a physical prize agree to cover any import tax fees that may exist in their country at the moment of receiving or picking up your shipment